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5th April 2005

11:35pm: ryry-sound.net version 3.0 is in the works ... stay tuned for more!!

3rd April 2005

12:46pm: I was writing a review of "Found What You Were Looking 4" for JIVE Magazine today when I realized something. Vicious Circle has really pioneered this new trend of marrying hard house / NRG tracks to techno producers. First there was "Acid Disco" and "Intoxicating," and now there's "Addict" and "Found What You Were Looking 4." Nukleuz participated in the trend, giving Andy Farley some D.A.V.E. the Drummer and Ant remixes, and Riot! is making this trend their bread and butter, but Vicious Circle seems to claim ownership. Not that I'm complaining -- after all, with LPs like these, you can be ready for floor-mashing beats on the A side, then flip to the B side for a groovier techno kind of feel (D.A.V.E. is great at creating those moods). It's just interesting to notice, that's all. I'll be keeping an eye out for different ways in which artists complement each other on the same piece of vinyl. After all, I myself am moving into the hard techno realm, so it's good that these producers are coming with me -- or is it the other way around??

19th March 2005

3:25pm: The stickers are in!

Courtesy of the fine folks at TheBumperSticker.com.

27th February 2005

3:35pm: All February 2005 In Rotation, as the techno crazines takes a bigger hold of my vinyl-lovin brain and fingers!!

24th February 2005

7:59am: A friend of mine, Ed, runs a show on DanceTraxx at 6PM Central time Fridays. This Friday he'll be playing one of my mixes. Tune in and enjoy :-)

13th February 2005

8:43pm: Party life here in Austin is damn sweet. 1 week after the DJ Dan show, Mark Farina played downtown. It was a badass show.

I've got a bunch of records queued up on Bangintunes. I've noticed that I've become more interested in bass-heavy techno at around 140 BPM than the crazy hoover-ridden madness of hard house @ 150 bpm that's being put out these days. Who knows why. I've seen a LOT of UKHH DJs turn to techno. I want to keep a harder sound, but I think my days of playing solely at 150+ bpm are done, unless it's a fun little session here in my house. As the BPMs have dropped, I've been trying to focus on picking tracks that have a perception of energy as opposed to full-on BPM madness. Slowing down the BPM doesn't necessarily involve slowing down the energy. Ah anyway, it's good stuff. And at the very least, some of the techno kids out here will be innundated with hard house & NRG pitched at -6% ;-)

Sake, the venue where we had scheduled our tsunami benefit, apparently stopping doing all electronic music. So we won't be having the show there. Now we have to go venue shopping again, which fucking blows. Luckily one of the guys there is helping us out around town. Hopefully that will work out, because I would be really upset if this show didn't go off. Of course, I'd only be marginally upset if we had to push back the date. So I'll shoot for that as a happy medium :-)

I've started twiddling around in Cubase and various VSTis (Albino, z3ta+) again. I've also been playing with my Ion a lot more. I'm trying to get a more in-depth understanding of sound, how a synthesizer works, and things of that nature. I think focusing on studying areas like that will help me more than just getting millions of VSTs and VSTis. My goal is to learn a couple synths really well, as oppsed to learning 10+ of them only marginally well. I keep telling myself "baby steps." :-)

30th January 2005

4:30pm: In Rotation is updated for January!!

Pictures from the party last night:

John Kelley:

DJ Dan:

Donald Glaude:

26th January 2005

10:47pm: Long time no post! Well, at least it's only been a couple weeks ;-) I've had my hands full with work, but a party is in the works. In mid-to-late February. myself and Noctum Records will be throwing a charity event. All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross International Crisis Fund. It should be a really fun time, and I hope a lot of people will show up. Well, obviously ;-) I'll post more info as it becomes available.

I've been picking up some new records ... in fact I'm currently waiting for some to show up in the mail. It should be any day now. I used Bangingtunes.com this time around, because I had some store credit that I hadn't used yet. I can't wait :-)

I'm also in talks with this pay-to-play DJ agency ... basically you pay them a fee and they list your profile on their website for a certain period of time. We'll see how that goes. I was already burned by SuperSexy after they didn't do jack shit for me, or with me, after I dropped some money on them. So who knows. I'm also working on some new live tricks ... namely scratching. *excited look*

Other than that, I'm stoked about the DJ Dan / Donald Glaude party this weekend, and Mark Farina is the next weekend. Then DJ Empress, and then our benefit party. Woohoo!! I love this town.

3rd January 2005

9:27am: I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve! Mine was awesome. I set up my turntables on the roof of a friend's house and he had like eight DJs come and spin. I had a blast. I stayed up until dawn though, which meant that I pretty much didn't do anything on Saturday and Sunday as I was still recovering :-)

I'm looking forward to pushing my music out this year. I'm now a part of Noctum Records, a local crew, and we've got some great things planned. So stay tuned!

18th December 2004

4:40pm: I partied in San Antonio last night for the first time. It was great. I saw Feelgood, who is of course from Baltimore and basically built the scene (along w/Scott Henry) with Fever in the mid-90s. Feelgood definitely changed his style, but I still dig it. His style is a little bit more techy now, but still groovin.

The holidays are upon us (well, everyone else), and that means PARTIES! This weekend is full of 'em, and then there's Capitol Techno on the 23rd. Everything should be a rockin good time.

In Rotation has been updated!

7th December 2004

12:18am: Aight, so this is dumb, but check it out. I always get really paranoid when my records are at the post office or the leasing office or even in those large-package containers in the mailroom. I feel like calling up the post office and saying "Hey, you guys know you have to keep vinyl on edge right? Right? Okay, just checking!" I'm just afraid that some asshat will leave my vinyl sitting near a heat vent or something like that and then that's a hundred bucks or so down the tubes. I know it's a really childish way to act but that's just how it is ;-)

So tomorrow morning I'm waking up extra-early and getting to the post office before it opens so I can ensure that my rekkids don't spend any longer outside of my grasp than they have to ;-)

28th November 2004

10:53pm: I've primarily used Bangingtunes.com and ChemicalRecords.co.uk for my order shipping, but I think all that is about to change. I've spent the past half hour on EUKRecords.com and found so much shit there that I haven't seen anywhere else. Word.

22nd November 2004

10:06pm: Well lookee here, an update! First things first - thanks to an excellent suggestion by a mysterious stranger, you can now download the .cue files for Code Fork, Synaesthesia, and Penny on the Tracks. No more holding down the track-skip button! Unfortunately Q17 has no .cue file as it is a one-disc image. Happy downloading!

Secondly, I have begun work on a new mix CD. It's going to be gritty and hard as fuck, with underpinnings of techno but a whole lot of thrashing stomping hard house thrown in. But who knows what will change between now and its release. I'm working on a tracklisting as I speak (type?), and I'm also hard at work sitting on my ass brainstorming a title. Killer.

Thirdly, and perhaps most joyously, I updated In Rotation for the month of November. If you like the kind of music I play, check these songs out at your favorite vinyl outlet and get to listening!

13th November 2004

11:14pm: An interesting interview with Tripoli Trax's Marc Johnson.

Best quote, concerning the upcoming hard house releases: "...musically things are looking like the chunk and funk will be coming back for sure."

9:53pm: A guy I know in Atlanta just collaborated on a track with Alex Calver ... check it out and see if you like it.

It's too slow for me, but I figured I'd clue anyone else in who's interested.

Bonus, on the flip side is a nice little re-work of 50 Cent's "Wanksta" ...

7th November 2004

11:50pm: Man, what a lazy weekend. On Friday a fever/cold laid me low and I had to take half a day off work. I had some parties and other activities planned, but due to this bubonic plague I had to stay in all weekend. So nothing new on that front. This weekend coming up, though, is just full of shit to do. Crazy amounts of drum & bass and other fun times. Dieselboy, Freaky Flow, etc ... what more could a jungle-lovin fool want? Oh yeah .. maybe some hard house ;-)

On the plus side, this forced cabin-fever gave me a chance to play around in Cubase a little bit more. I finally got things working like I wanted and picked up a whole bunch more VSTs and VSTis. So we'll see where that leads me :-)

1st November 2004

10:36pm: What a weekend. Friday night was awesome, but Saturday night took the cake. I played a Halloween house party for this guy at work. It's hard to describe how much fun I had with words: spinning, dancing, socializing, meeting people ... shit, even just sitting on the sofa was fun. I love this city. AND, to top things off, I finally ordered records, for real this time. 8 or 9 of them, if I can remember correctly. And then Sunday night I went downtown for some house music; that was pretty cool, except I felt lame because I didn't dress up, and then I had to walk six blocks back to my car in the pouring rain. But even that couldn't dampen (HA HA PUN HA HA) my weekend! Some dude saw me dancing and came up and gave me a flier for a party in mid-December, so I might hit that up. Hrm.

Tomorrow is election day, of course. I'm preparing to run through the streets of Austin singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" as we speak :-D NBC just ran their SNL presidential bash, which was hilarious. I'm glad that even though I didn't vote for Bush, I can still laugh at the impersonations of Kerry. Strangely enough, they didn't spoof Nader all year. I guess they decided he wasn't worth the effort. Sad, maybe, but I'm sure they could've done something wonderful with it :-)

I want to record a new demo CD! Ya can never have enough music! It'll be something fun to do with these new records, too. And I posted my first review on JIVE after a long hiatus; I'm planning a review at least every 2 weeks. You can check out my past reviews here; just look for the ones by Ryry (duh). My newest one isn't up yet, but when it gets posted it'll be at the top.

23rd October 2004

1:15pm: Still no records, dagnabbit. I'm going to have to go order from Chemical Records or something if this keeps up. One of my goals today is to get a turntable stand or materials to build one. I have no real idea now to build a frame for a table, but I'm sure I can just nail together some pieces of wood and everything will magically happen itself. That's how it works, right? At any rate, I must spin some records soon or I will go insane. Although I am playing at a house party the night before Halloween, so that should be fun.

I was supposed to go see DJ Krush last Thursday, but it didn't work out. I knew I had to wake up the next morning at like 6AM, and I knew I wouldn't have been functional at all during work if I'd gone out. Oh well. Next time :-)

In better news, a couple badass DJs are coming to town. DJ Craze & Juju are coming on December 1st, which is a Wednesday, but I don't care how early I have to be at work the next day, because I've been waiting to see Craze for so long now. Also, Concord Dawn is coming on November 2nd. This city sure does love its drum & bass. And the day before Thanksgiving, DJ Dan & Christopher Lawrence are playing down in SA. I haven't been down there yet, but that party seems like as good an excuse as any to check out how the parties go down there.

16th October 2004

12:16pm: Technical Itch & Dylan were fucking amazing. They really brought a great vibe to the venue. Even though I got lost like 10 times trying to find the place, I eventually wound up in the right spot and had a blast. I loved the dichotomy between the blasting dnb indoors and the chill deep house / breaks outdoors. Partying outside is so much fun, and I can tell this town does a lot of it like that. So I'm excited :-) Currently I'm trying to decide whether or not I want or should go to the Ferry Corsten party this Wednesday ..

Ordering records from bangingtunes.com is a little different than other stores. It's not just click-and-buy. You have to wait awhile before your tracks some in. So, for example, I ordered 7 records about 2 weeks ago. 5 of them are still on back-order. I'm not complaining about stock issues, but it's an interesting way to run a website. The bonus is that BT is run by Superfast Oz & DJ Kristian, so they get promos and shit like that well before anyone else. So long as I don't think of it as a click-and-buy deal, it's all good 8-)

I've been in Austin almost a month, and I still don't have my turntables set up. The thing is, I want to get a better setup than the ghetto-ass cinderblocks I've been using for many years, so I tried searching a bit for some keyboard-stand-type things. The problem is that nothing out there comes close to being comfortable for me to play on (I'm 6'4"). So I'm still looking, I guess, but if this goes on too long I'll have to bite the bullet and grab some cinderblocks, because I really want to spin some records!!

9th October 2004

12:48pm: Well, so much is new I don't know where to begin. For starters, I moved to Austin Texas a few weeks ago. I'm loving it out here so far; the people are awesome. And I started buying records again because I don't have to save money for the move (although the move pretty much wiped out my savings). So things are going well. I've already had one gig here, at The Caucus Club. I set up my studio (E-MU 1820M) and I'm beginning to teach myself how to use Cubase along with my synth (Alesis Ion). Did you know you can vote in the Grammy awards after you've released six commercial recordings?

This town is the shit. There are so many people here who know what electronic music is and have heard it, as opposed to Richmond where you have to explain things 10 times. Plus there are a bunch more parties here than out in VA. Tonight, Technical Itch + Dylan are headlining at Bruzio's Room. I'm excited to be here :-) I'll start updating the "In Rotation" section again as soon as my new shipment of records comes in.

16th June 2004

11:05pm: Smother.net has reviewed Code Fork! Here is the wordage:

I believe what I enjoy the most about Ryry is hearing his progression from his first mix CD to this new one. I feel like I’ve been with him the whole way, hearing his amazing sets improve time after time, putting everything up another notch with each outing. Of course I have yet to see him perform live because I’m a big slacker but after listening to “Code Fork” I just might have to make room for one of his live sets no matter what the schedule conflict. “Code Fork” starts off on an odd note with A Perfect Circle’s “The Nurse Who Loved Me”, slyly bringing in the bad ass beat of Christiaan & Alex Calver’s “Voodoo” cut off of Glitch Records. This new mix finds him experimenting a bit more with different mix styles as seamless as always. Since this is hard house you of course have the requisite BK and Andy Farley tune, which in this mix is none other than the “Endorphin remix” of “Step Away”. Rounding out the seventeen tracks is oddly Goldfinger’s “The End of the Day”. If you’re looking for high-class mixing of hard pumping house then look no farther. Besides it’s a freakin’ free download!

- J-Sin

Link here: http://www.smother.net/reviews/techno.php3?ID=195

(sorry about the weird quotes!)

3rd May 2004

11:14pm: Well, just a quick update to say not much is going on :-) I haven't bought records in awhile because I'm busy saving money (and also doing things like eating food and paying rent, heh). I'm also concentrating on producing, and I hope to have a viable song or two available for download within the next few months (depending on the equipment I can get my hands on).

Anyway, take it easy, and keep checking JIVE Magazine for my reviews of techno/hard house/nrg LPs, and also some event reviews I have coming up in the next few months :-)

2nd April 2004



New full-length demo is out!!

Download it here!!

25th March 2004

8:00am: My second cousin, Douglas Rushkoff, was interviewed by JIVE. Check the interview here.
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